Thursday, 17 March 2011

Organising Myths Busted - You need to be a natural born organiser

Back in the blogging world I thought I’d post this article I wrote a little while ago. It is the first in a series of organising myths I’m going to bust over the coming weeks.

One of the many comments I often hear about organising is that people tell me “I’m just not a natural organiser. You’ve got to be born like that.”

Agreed, some people find organising easier than others. Some people have a natural knack for it. Those are the people who from childhood onwards will organise their books alphabetically, their toy cars by size or their building blocks by size, colour and shape.

But most of us, myself included, are not like that at all. We have all had to deal with our own disorganisation up to a point where we made a conscious decision to make a change. We decided to become organised. We went out and bought books, researched the web, went on courses and seminars and somehow found all the tools necessary to simply get on with getting organised.

Getting organised is a process that starts with the desire to get organised and a conscious choice to change a couple of habits. You set your mind to it. You then have to learn the tools. Whether these are time management techniques, or the best way to sort out your home or the most suitable approach to sort out your desk and set up a filing system, there are many different ways to get organised and not every way is suitable for every person. There is no right or wrong way. The important thing is that you make a start, stop procrastinating about it and get on with the process of organising. Along the way, there will be set backs and difficulties as you fine tune and hone your organising skills. But in the end you will achieve your goal of being organised. You will realise that you feel better about yourself, you will have a certain sense of pride about your achievements and you will feel a lot less stressed once everything is sorted and organised.

And once you realise that it is so much easier to maintain an organised environment than to create it in the first place you will want to keep things organised and not fall back into your old bad habits.

So you can either do it yourself, maybe enlist the help of a friend or you can call in a Professional Organiser. If you call in a pro, you can benefit from their expertise to help you set up new systems and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel yourself. Yes, their services don’t come for free, but think of the time you save for research and trial and error. They will also supply you with tips and tricks on how to keep it all up, making the process pay for itself in the long run.

So go ahead – get organised – you can do it!

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Michaela Stephens said...

So true! Even people who have a talent for organizing have to learn line upon line.

Organizing and decluttering is something you can study and practice, just like anything else.